We would love you to check out Concrete & Stone Solutions.  This is our new company that covers a specific set of services we offer.  These include:

  • Concrete polishing – polishing concrete floors to get that high shine finish and remove any stains or marks.
  • Stone floor cleaning – restoring natural stone floors to their best with unique cleaning processes.
  • Stone floor renovation – help when stone floors are showing their age, or there’s been an accident and restoration work is required.

Because these are two different service areas – each specialised in their own way, we decided that having separate businesses for them made sense.  It means we can include more information for each service that really showcases what we can do.

stone floor cleaning and restoration

If you want to know more about the services above, visit the Concrete and Stone Solutions website.  Information about these services won’t be on the Exact Clean website any longer.

But you can still reach out to us about this services.  Give us a call, send an email or text the mobile number.  The people behind the company are the same, and we are here to help!