Driveway cleaning & patio cleaning

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Expert pressure washing for your driveway

Driveway cleaning & patio cleaning. For most of us, the driveway is a functional area; somewhere we park the car. It is the first thing you see when you arrive home, but it is easy for its condition to slip without really noticing it. One of the best ways to look after your driveway is with regular expert pressure washing – but what are the benefits of this?

Enhance curb appeal

Even if you aren’t thinking about selling your home, it is always good to consider the ‘curb appeal’ of your house or how it looks to someone when they first arrive. The driveway plays a large part in this. Having it regularly cleaned professionally will mean it looks smart, free from mould or moss and create that great first impression for your visitors. This applies to businesses too; we all know you only get one chance to make a first impression. Once a visitor arrives at your building you want them to see it is maintained and presentable.

Stops weed progress

Weeds are wily things and difficult to stop entirely. But by pressure washing your driveway, they will be blown away, removed from any cracks and their progress stopped. This also makes it easier to keep on top of things afterwards and prevents them from getting a foothold.

Clears away allergens

Mould and mildew are common allergens and can create an allergic reaction for someone walking on them as spores are released. By having the driveway cleaned thoroughly, these allergens are removed and with it, those sneezes!

Handle tough stains

Most of us will do regular maintenance on our driveways, often with a hosepipe. But sometimes some stains won’t shift as they are tougher than home equipment can handle. Some of the worst come from cars – oil is a prime example. A professional cleaner will have specialised solutions for these problems that remove the stains but doesn’t harm the surface beneath.

Reduce the risk of a slip

If you have ever stepped on a patch of stones covered in mould or mildew, you will know it is like stepping onto an ice rink – very easy for someone to slip and fall. By removing these problems, you reduce the risk that someone slips and falls on the driveway. This also applies to people visiting the property.

Increase the lifespan of a driveway

As with many things, maintenance helps to increase the lifespan of something, and this applies to driveways. By removing tough stains, clearing out weeds and moss and ensuring it is in good condition, you will get the maximum possible lifespan from your drive and better value for money.

Block paving cleaning & restoration

Why an expert is best, driveway cleaning & patio cleaning

So it is clear that using a pressure washer to clean the driveway comes with many benefits – but also some pitfalls that can be more costly than using a professional.

With some of the products available, it is far easier to go DIY on pressure washing than ever before. But there are also more perils and potential problems if you are not experienced in pressure washing.

The most common problem is that people use the wrong pressure and damage the driveway. It can be surprising how powerful even a small pressure washer can be, and if you have something like paving stones or block paving, you can blow away the grouting that holds it in place or loosen the stones. This means you then need to carry out repair work to the driveway.

Another common problem is that you end up pressure washing things you didn’t want washing – like the plants in the flower bed or your neighbour’s hanging baskets! It is easy to lose control a little and end up spraying high power water around, causing damage to things that aren’t as tough as a driveway.

Don’t forget the paths and patios!

All of this shows it is worth having your driveway cleaned but that a professional should be the one to do it. The same also applies to other areas around the building, such as patios and paths. These will suffer from a build-up of stains and weather problems that only an industrial strength pressure washer or soft wash can completely solve.