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Render cleaning Birmingham & cladding cleaning. For many external cleaning jobs, pressure washing has become the go-to option. In a lot of cases, this makes sense and ensures areas such as driveways, slabbed areas and garden paths are clean and safe to use. But there are situations when pressure washing is not the right option, and that is where a new service option has come in – soft washing. But what is this and how does it work?

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What is soft washing?

With a pressure washer, a stream of powerful water comes from the cleaning apparatus and blasts the dirt and mess from the surface. This is great for removing mildew and mould from driveways, clearing tough stains from patios and ensuring that paths are safe to walk on, without slipping.

The biggest problem can be that the power of a pressure washer can sometimes cause damage while cleaning. The most common examples of this are brickwork, tiles and other exterior parts of the house. The power involved can chip brickwork or dislodge tiles.

This is where soft washing comes in. This is a process that is designed to clean exterior areas and remove the build-up of moss, mildew and other organisms known as a biofilm. But it does it without the power involved with pressure washing.

Biofilms and biocides, render cleaning Birmingham

Biofilms are all kinds of natural organisms that grow on surfaces such as roofs or walls and cause discolouration. Examples can include algae, lichen and all of the different types of mould. This can make a property look unattractive, reducing curb appeal of your residential property or making a poor impression to visitors of your business premises.

A biocide is just a substance that kills biofilms and is approved for this purpose around homes by the Health & Safety Executive. The soft wash system makes use of biocides to remove mildew, mould and other biofilms and doesn’t need the power levels that pressure washing does to complete the task.

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Benefits of soft washing for render and cladding cleaning

Soft washing is a careful and effective process that is carried out by a trained expert and has several advantages for caring for the exterior of your building. Render cleaning Birmingham done regularly, this will keep your property looking in top condition.

Removes biofilms for longer

For starters, the use of biocides means that the higher pressure isn’t needed to remove stains and that the stains stay away for longer. This is because the biofilms are destroyed at a molecular level, not just pushed away to return quickly!

The biocides also form a protective layer on surfaces that help keep them clear of biofilms for longer than without it. It also helps to prevent other associated problems as there is no foundation such as an area of mould, for them to work on.

By removing these biofilms, you can also help to keep other pests at bay. By having a clean outside environment, your property is less likely to attract pests like rats and cockroaches.

No damage to brickwork

Soft washing does not lead to the issue with potentially damaging brickwork or slabs that pressure washing systems do. Because it is much gentler and the biocide does the hard work, it is suitable to use on a wide range of materials.

It is also an excellent system for areas such as driveways and paths that are made from block paving – these are susceptible to be dislodged when washed at high pressure. It can even be used to clean fences and walls without concern about weakened them or dislodging them from their support systems.

Soft washing is an eco-friendly option

Modern biocides are created so that they do not damage the environment and are biodegradable. This means they destroy the stains at the source but do not harm the surrounding areas of the garden. So, you can have an effective cleaning solution without worrying about damaging plants or surrounding natural areas. Exterior wall cleaning & cladding cleaning

The best exterior cleaning solution

Soft washing is the best exterior solution for properties of all sizes and styles. It offers an eco-friendly and safe way to clean away troublesome organisms, has a long-lasting result and has no chance of damaging the property. That is why more and more people are turning to us to use this system to clean the exterior of their homes or businesses.

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