Disinfection Services

Updated 26/06/2020

Disinfection services, decontamination and sanitising sevices

Dealing with coronavirus

Disinfection services and sanitising services. The recent coronavirus outbreak has highlighted the need for good sanitising practices for a wide range of businesses and public places.  The new strain of the family of viruses that contains the common cold has proven to be effective at spreading from person to person but also via surfaces.

With our fogging system we are using product called ENVIROSAFE which when correctly applied in will kill up to 99.9999% microbes including CORONAVIRUS SARS-COV 2 which leads to the illness COVID-19

ENVIROSAFE is safe for humans and animals. We know our product is effective against COVID-19 as in April 2020 it passed EN 14476 Virucidal Test.  The above test is the requirement in fight against this new strain of the Coronavirus.


Disinfection services, decontamination and sanitising services

At Exact Clean, we offer professional sanitising and disinfection services. Our services are available nationwide, with such a specialised service offered it is not unusual for us to travel around the UK to provide our expert support to businesses.

Envirosafe is applied onto the area to be sanitised and disinfected with our CE approved Fogging machine. Fog allows atomised product to get everywhere and guarantee complete room decontamination.

The area is back in use within 60 minutes of the treatment taking place. The above product applied correctly will kill 99.9999% of bacteria. We also offer single item disinfection; please contact us for a free no-obligation quote.

It has been independently tested in the past against the A/H1N1 swine flu virus amongst Mycobacterium, Tuberculosis, MRSA, Medical Waste Treatment, Feline Calicivirus (Human Norovirus surrogate), Feline Coronavirus (SARA surrogate), Enveloped and non-enveloped virus, HIV and C. difficile.

Envirosafe is safe to use around humans and has no significant environmental impact.  Because it works on a nanoscopic scale, the same level as a virus, it is simply too small to harm people.

The antimicrobial effects of Envirosafe can last weeks. In high use areas where the surfaces are rubbed against and contamination is re-introduced, we advise a more realistic period of 24 hours.

The fogging process offers a complete way to kill bacteria and viruses, as soon as it contacts with them.  Not only that, but it also removes bacteria that lead to foul-smelling odours, something that is particularly an issue in businesses and public places. Professional disinfection services and sanitising services.

We use approved disinfectant effective against Covid-19

disinfection services and sanitising services

General sanitising services

But how do you know that something this small has worked?  The results aren’t visible to the naked eye, so how do our customers know that what we have done has had a real benefit?

The answer is called ATP testing.  ATP or Adenosine Triphosphate is a molecule found in all living things that means it is the perfect way to check if something is clean or not.  ATP tests are used in industries such as healthcare and food manufacturers to make certain biofilms are not developing on surfaces and potentially causing problems.

With an ATP test, also known as a hygiene monitoring system, the ATP comes into contact with a special liquid-stable reagent within the device.  This creates a light, the stronger the light, the more ATP that is present.  Within a few seconds, we can know if the cleaning has removed all potential bacteria and viruses with a simple test.

COVID-19 disinfection services and sanitising services

When it comes to general sanitising services, we use something called EnSURE Touch.  This is an advanced monitoring system that collects, analyses and reports on the data from several tests that have been recognised for their accuracy to provide verified data.

The EnSURE system is a wireless system that allows us to work anywhere.  The ATP tests enable us to check surfaces, water and even high sensitivity areas for allergen prevention.  The one we use most is called the UltraSnap Surface ATP test.  This is a pen-sized sample collection device that is environmentally friendly, small and quick to use. 

The UltraSnap collects the data and the EnSURE device analyses it to allow us to show customers that the fogging process has removed threats that the eye cannot see.  We take a test before cleaning and afterwards so that customers see the changes that have taken place as part of the cleaning process.


Another reason that this equipment is an industry-leader is that it allows for easy testing across multiple facilities or areas and easily configures the data into reports.  It provides us with a dashboard to view the data, and this allows us to quickly give customers an overview of the results and the impact the cleaning has had.

Where can be sanitised?

There is a vast range of places and equipment that can benefit from fogging, both for commercial properties and domestic ones. This service is not only to ensure areas are as clean and free of contaminants as possible from day to day use but also for stand-alone issues that need addressing as a matter of urgency, such as after flooding has taken place. Decontamination after flooding is essential for the health of those who will be using the space in the future. Outbreaks of viruses that cause illness such as Coronavirus are also an excellent reason to sanitise areas without delay.

Commercial customers

Commercial premises such as care homes, rental properties, hotels, nurseries, offices, schools, public transportation (trains, buses, aircraft) can all benefit from fogging. Restaurants and kids’ play areas are always at high risk of being contaminated by bacteria. Along with disease-causing microbes (pathogens, germs or bugs) which are responsible for causing infectious diseases.

Then there are the needs of specialist industries.  One example is the healthcare industry.  Here, methods to clean and sanitise surfaces have long been in place and have good effectiveness. 

However, there is always a risk of microbial contamination that can occur, leading to infection of personnel and patients.  The use of ATP tests after the fogging can ensure that this doesn’t happen.  The system is even effective for surgery theatres and operating rooms, where patients are at their most vulnerable to infection.

Envirosafe, passed & approved to european standards

Our fogger is a large model that means we can also help with cleaning and sanitising even the largest spaces.  In the past, we have worked on areas such as airports and cruise ships with large, open spaces.  These can be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses and regular cleaning at a microbial level is crucial in fighting these problems.

We can sanitise and disinfect your premises for you regularly or as a one-off service. We will provide you with a certificate saying that the premises have been treated with Envirosafe which passed EN 14476 Virucidal Test in April 2020. This test is the requirement against COVID-19 as it covers all enveloped viruses.

Domestic customers

For domestic customers, the demand isn’t to the scale with commercial customers, but there are still plenty of ways our service can help.

For example, if you buy anything second hand, you should always consider having it sanitised.  Kitchen appliances and storage units, bedroom furniture or even bathroom fittings can all be cleaned, even if they are new.  That’s because items may have been sitting in storage for some time and bacteria will use any opportunity to grow.

If you are moving into a new home or want to have your house cleaned to a different level, our service will help.  It can sanitise everything from the rooms of the house, the car or even outbuildings and allows you to rest safe with cleaning followed with ATP hygiene monitoring test.

disinfection services and sanitising services
Why fogging with Envirosafe is the best option

For most of us, wiping over surfaces and using anti-bacterial sprays is a part of life and a reasonable step taken to protect against viruses and bacteria.  But there are times when this simply isn’t enough, especially for businesses and those operating public places, healthcare facilities or education establishments.

Tests show that traditional wiping of surfaces only clears around 11% of bacteria and viruses, according to the British Medical Journal.  In fact, the system can even end up spreading the germs because they attach to the cloth and then are wiped onto clean surfaces.  Not only that, but there are many hard to reach spots that regular cleaning cannot reach.

Disinfection services and sanitising services

By opting for a more comprehensive system, you can ensure that the property is clean to a nanoscopic level and have the test results to prove it.  These results are provided to you as records to show proof that you are working on dealing with this common problem most comprehensively.

We offer a range of options for homes and businesses, including regular cleaning or standalone sessions depending on your needs.  All sessions come with relevant paperwork for your records. We provide before and after certificates. Disinfection services and sanitising services

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