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Carpet cleaner Birmingham & Sofa cleaner Birmingham

Carpet cleaner Birmingham. We provide our cleaning and restoration services to customers living in south part of the City. From City Centre all the way down to Wythall, from Rubery to Solihull. We have been involved in carpet, upholstery, rug and leather cleaning industry since 2011. Over this time we have attended and completed many courses with best tutors in the country.

Lots of people say it is just a carpet cleaning. We thought exactly the same before we started. We honestly can tell you it is not. You must have extended knowledge of chemistry. There are so many different types of fibers which carpets and fabrics are made from. Not only that, there are also so many different types of soiling which have to be tackled with the right product. There is no magic product which will remove every stain form your valuable carpet. Wrong stain removal attempt can set stain permanent.

We like calling our services restoration work. Most of the time we bring carpets and upholstery back to it’s former glory and make them looking almost as good as new. To achieve this type of results you must have good understanding of chemistry and right equipment.

Exact Clean, your local and trusted carpet cleaner Birmingham

Birmingham has come a long way from its past of heavy industry – and officials are determined to keep our city clean and green by reducing pollution. In recent years the city has won numerous awards for its clean environment and neighbourhood. At Exact Clean carpet cleaner Birmingham, we like to think we are playing our part. While the council is keeping everything spick and span on the outside, we are doing our bit on the inside. Bring that wonderful fresh feeling to your home with our efficient, professional and cheerful approach to carpet and upholstery cleaning.

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We’ll save you time and money, carpet cleaner Birmingham

Carpet cleaner Birmingham. From our headquarters in Studley, We look after our customers throughout the West Midlands. We make regular visits into Birmingham to clean the carpets and upholstery of our growing list of clients. Rugs, carpets, leather or upholstery. Homes, Schools or Businesses. Your floor coverings and soft furnishings are our business – our passion!

Once the job is done, your carpets, rugs and upholstery will be dry, bright and fresh, in a matter of an hour or two. You’ll find our services affordable. With Exact Clean, you get more than just unrivalled expertise. We give you value for money too.

Three good reasons to give Exact Clean a call

  1. Independent company – free from restrictive franchise practices
  2. We use the best equipment and the most efficient cleaning agents available
  3. Our cleaning agents are safe for children and pets

carpet cleaner Birmingham

Upholstery and carpet cleaning Birmingham

We’ll clean your upholstery and carpets quickly and efficiently. We use only the most advanced and effective cleaning agents. We’ll leave you with carpets, leather, rugs and upholstery that are stain-free. We offer these services in all the surrounding villages and towns in Worcestershire, Warwickshire and beyond.

Hazards of using DIY carpet and upholstery cleaning machines

Diy carpet cleaning seems to be a good idea, hiring “professional” carpet cleaning machines at low prices and guarantying great results. The reality is different, after spending hours of emptying and filling it up the results often are not what you have expected. Even if you will end up with satisfying results, you will more likely be experiencing rapid re-soiling. There is also high risk of overwetting what can often lead to permanent damage to the backing of your carpet.

Diy carpet and upholstery cleaning machines have to be small so they can be easily moved around and lifted when needed. That means they are limited on pump and vacuums sizes which can be fitted in. Bigger carpet cleaning machines will be heavier as they will have bigger vacuums and pumps so your carpets will be cleaner and drier after using one of this machines. At Exact Clean we keep investing in the latest equipment and cleaning solutions available so we can provide our customers the best cleaning experience possible.

Professional carpet cleaner Birmingham

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