Floor Sanding and Finishing

Exact Clean’s Floor Sanding and Finishing service is designed to restore your hardwood floor to its former glory.

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Our top of the range equipment and extensive knowledge of the sanding and finishing process will leave you with flooring that not only looks stunning but is also hard-wearing and fit for purpose.

Here at Exact Clean, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible service each and every time. To reassure you that this is the case, we thought we’d talk you through the details of our Floor Sanding and Finishing service:

Our Sanding and Finishing Service Explained

As with any type of floor restoration, the process requires time, attention to detail and a clear understanding of the material in question. Before the process itself can begin, however, preparation is required.

Preparing your Floor

Before we begin the sanding process, we set aside time to prepare your existing flooring, ensuring the best possible result. We’ll go over the floor with a hard-bristled brush to remove any surface dirt before vacuuming the excess.

We’ll then ensure that the floor is free from obstacles that could cause damage to our machinery or the floor itself, such as nails or tacks. Once these have been removed, we’ll secure any loose floorboards to ensure damage is avoided altogether.

Once we feel the floor is prepared to a high quality, we’ll get started on sanding.

floor sanding and finishing

Sanding your Floor

At Exact Clean, we use a range of high-quality sanding equipment.

To begin with, we’ll assess the material of your flooring before choosing the right grit sandpaper for optimum results. We’ll use our machinery to carefully and slowly begin sanding your floor, ensuring the beginnings of a smooth, even surface.

Once the first sanding session is complete, we’ll vacuum to remove any excess dust before repeating the process. For the second round of sanding, we may use finer grit sandpaper to ensure optimum results.

Once the second sanding is complete, your floor should be lighter in colour and smooth and even to the touch. If any splinters or dips are still posing a problem, we may complete a third round of sanding.

Once complete, your floor is ready for finishing.

Finishing your Floor

Finishing your floor refers to the process of adding a sealer in the form of lacquer or oil to protect your floors and increase their longevity.

There are a range of colours and stains to choose from, as well as a range of finishes to really make the floor your own.

We’ll work with you to decide on the best finish for your establishment. During the decision process, it’s vital to consider how your establishment is used. For example, in commercial establishments with constant footfall, it may be wise to select a lacquer finish as it is more hard-wearing. Or, if your flooring is domestic and located in a bedroom, for example, an oil finish may suffice.

Once your decision has been made, we’ll complete the finish to your liking.

Why Choose our Floor Sanding and Finishing Service?

Our Floor Sanding and Finishing Service is designed with you in mind. We work closely with you to ensure you’re left with the desired outcome for your floor.

We use top of the range equipment to ensure optimum results, and we pay close attention to detail so that you’re left with flooring that is of the highest quality possible.

If you’re looking for a professional Floor Sanding and Finishing Service, please do not hesitate to get in touch.