Driveway cleaning Birmingham

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Compared to other parts of the country, the weather here in Birmingham tends to be pretty friendly.

But that doesn’t mean your driveway won’t get stains from the weather – and that’s where expert power washing comes in.

Driveway cleaning Birmingham & Patio cleaning Birmingham

Driveway cleaning Birmingham

Many of the city’s commercial and residential properties have driveways in different materials.  Among the most popular is block paving which looks great and can cope with uneven ground.  But what it doesn’t cope well with is being hit with a power washer on a full setting!  It is quite easy to try to remove stains from block paving and end up removing the block paving instead.

The key is to have an expert in power washing with the right equipment for the job to handle the task.  It is about more than just clearing that stubborn stain leftover from winter – it is about keeping the driveway in top condition as well.

Comprehensive quality driveway cleaning

Our service covers cleaning for all kinds of driveways including block paving, asphalt and concrete.
We also clean patios, including those made from natural stone and offer a range of restoration services if these areas have suffered and need some attention as well as cleaning. For a full service we can clean your cladding and fascias too.
Cleaning a driveway is about more than the power in power washing – it is about using the right cleaning products.  But while there are many out there, some can damage the surface of some driveways.
Others don’t have a long-term benefit.
We always use environmentally safe products that will clean your driveway without damaging it or the surrounding environment.

driveway cleaning Birmingham

Clearing the unseen problems, pressure washing Birmingham

Sometimes the stains are more than just an ugly problem – they can make the drive slippery and unsafe to walk on.  Not only that, but if you come into contact with the causes of these stains, you could get a reaction.  That’s because the reason behind the stain could be tiny bacteria smaller than the eye can see – but tough to clear away.

Our process is also to spray with a particular biocide product.  This is safe for animals and children. It also ensures that the invisible pests are kept away for up to a year after cleaning. For businesses with a lot of visitors this is perfect as your exterior pathways will make a wonderful first impression to guests.

Before we leave your premises our last tasks it to check that we have collected all items we have used on the job, to clear up any mess made while we worked on your drive. We receive such good feedback on this from our customers, they really appreciate how much we care.

Upgrade your driveway with Exact Clean

By upgrading the driveway to a clean and smart looking area, you make it more pleasant to use, safer for you and your family, and also improve the curb appeal if you plan to sell your home.  So, call us today to book a free quote for our driveway cleaning Birmingham service.