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Carpet cleaner Alvechurch. With the cold and flu season upon us, a high-quality and professional carpet cleaning service can make all the difference.

The carpet in your home is made up of billions of little fibers tightly wound together to create a surface both sturdy enough to withstand the effects of daily life in the household, yet soft enough to walk on or sit on to play a game.

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But while those carpet fibers serve an important purpose toward your floor’s functionality in your home, they also provide a great place for dirt, dust and germs to get trapped.

Vacuuming regularly does help to mitigate this effect — but that in itself is not quite enough. Throughout the cold and flu seasons and well into the various allergy seasons, untreated carpets may very well be the culprit when a wave of illness passes through the household.

carpet cleaner Alvechurch

That’s one of many reasons why I approach every carpet cleaning service with an unforgiving quality standard. I take the time to be thorough, leaving no inch unattended to from beginning to end.

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Not only do the particles trapped in your carpet fibers present a threat to the health of the people in your household — if left to accumulate for too long, those trapped dirt and dust particles will damage your carpets over time and leave them looking soiled no matter how many times you vacuum.

But with my professional carpet cleaning service, your carpets will be beautifully restored and well-preserved. My process allows me to really get into every niche of your carpets, eradicating any particles that have gotten trapped there, revealing the like-new carpets beneath.

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Extend the life of your carpeted floors, and take a step to managing potential allergy and illness problems within your household. Give me a call today on 01527 852311 or 07598 329179 to find out how my carpet cleaning service can help you. Or send me an email to: [email protected]

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