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Driveway cleaning Solihull

The majority of houses in the Solihull area are semi-detached or detached, there are plenty of driveways around the area.  These are an ideal place to park your car and create a stylish and smart first impression for anyone vising your house.

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Cleaning in progress

But they do need a little assistance to do this.  Driveways are designed to tough out the elements, but some things can get hold and cause problems.  Mould and mildew are examples, especially where there are trees or overhanging shrubs.

Moss growing in gaps or along the edges can be a problem.  Unseen bacteria growing on the surface can make driveways slippery and dangerous.

Handling the cleaning problems

Many of us own a power washer of some type, and the obvious answer is to turn it on the driveway to solve the problem of pesky stains.  This presents the risk of damaging the driveway itself if you are inexperienced in what levels of power and types of products are best to use.

That’s where an expert in driveway power washing can help.  Our services are for not only driveways but also patios, block paving, natural stone and other surfaces.  We even offer restoration services if there’s been some damage caused – severe weather is one of the most common causes of driveway damage.

Exact Clean will clean your driveway as thoroughly as possible without damaging it or the surrounding environment.  We use the latest in eco-friendly cleaning products and always have the right cleaning solution for the particular material of your driveway.

Patio cleaning Solihull, Driveway cleaning Solihull, pressure washing solihull
Another patio restored by Exact Clean

Dealing with unseen stain causes. Pressure washing Solihull

Sometimes the cause of stains or a slippery surface isn’t as apparent as something like a patch of moss or mildew.  Sometimes it is caused by microbes such as bacteria or mould that are impossible to see but capable of spoiling the look and use of your driveway and patio. Patio cleaning Solihull

That’s why the final step in all of our cleaning processes is to use a biocide.  Our biocide is a particular product designed to kill off microbes and other unseen problems but is entirely safe for people and animals.

Not only that, but it can continue to protect for up to a year after application.

Help with your driveway and patio

We offer expert help with your driveway and patio to get it looking just as you want it to be without concerns about damaging it during cleaning.  We provide free quotes and cover the whole Solihull area and are always happy to chat about your needs. Pressure washing Solihull. Driveway cleaning Solihull. Patio cleaning Solihull.