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Driveway cleaning Redditch

Since Redditch was designated as a ‘new town’ in the 1960s, there have been lots of new houses added to the existing ones.  A good number of these houses have their own driveway where you can park your car.

Driveways are low maintenance compared to something like an area of lawn and are much more useful, but they do need some attention.

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Block paved driveway restored by Exact Clean

Caring for your driveway

The most common approach to cleaning a driveway is to grab a power washer, stick it on the most powerful setting and blast at it.  But there are a couple of problems with this approach.  For starters, depending on the material used in the driveway, the thing that gets blasted away could be the drive itself.  Another issue is that powerful water alone isn’t enough to remove some types of stains. Driveway cleaning Redditch & Patio cleaning Redditch

Instead, what you need is an expert in driveway cleaning who covers Redditch and can apply the right type of power combined with the right products to clean your driveway.  Our job is just that – to get the driveway looking smart and clean without damaging the material that composes it.

The right approach for the job, pressure washing Redditch

Take a block paved driveway as an example.  They can look stunning with those individual small blocks, often with patterns or different colours.  But if you wash that on full power, you can dislodge the paving stones or wash away the mortar that keeps them in place.  This means you have gaps or uneven spots that can even lead to a turned ankle if you are unaware.

We always use the right level of power washing for the driveway material.  We also use environmentally safe cleaning products to help remove more stubborn stains.  This even includes cleaning with biocides – these kill the bacteria and microbes that the eye can’t see but can cause lots of the stains on driveways. Don’t worry; these are completely safe for pets and humans alike!

Expert cleaning services, patio cleaning Redditch

Our expert cleaning services go beyond just your driveway.  We can clean natural stone patio areas and garden paths as well as offering restoration services.  So, if your driveway is looking in poor condition and needs some work, we can do this at the same time as other areas of your garden.

Give us a call today to book a free consultation and get the best cleaning for your driveway to make it look fresh and new once more.

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