Floor Sanding Birmingham

Floor Sanding Birmingham service is designed to restore your hardwood floors with the care, precision and attention to detail that makes for a stunning final result.

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With our team of knowledgeable, experienced experts and top of the range machinery, we’re dedicated to restoring your floors to their former glory.

It’s a well-known fact that without proper and consistent care, your wooden flooring may become dull, leaving your establishment looking a little lacklustre. With our carefully refined sanding and finishing process, our aim is to inject the life back into them.

But what does the process look like? And how do we ensure optimum results?

Preparing your Floor

Getting the best end result relies on high-quality floor preparation. If your floor is not prepared correctly before sanding and finishing commences, irreparable damage may occur, and you may be left with a finish that you’re unsatisfied with.

That’s why we take our time to prepare your floor to the highest standard.

We’ll begin by using a hard-bristle brush to lift any surface dirt or dust before vacuuming thoroughly to remove the excess. We’ll also check for small objects that could cause damage to our machinery or your flooring, like nails and tacks.

Once these have been removed, we’ll secure any loose floorboards, remove any excess dust once more and then move on to the sanding process.

Floor sanding Birmingham
Floor Sanding Birmingham

Sanding your Floor

Here at Concrete and Stone Solutions, we use top of the range grinders to smooth and polish concreted-based floorings. If grit sandpaper is added, these machines double as expert wood floor sanders. Our team are well-practised in using these machines, so we will begin to sand your floor with precision and close attention to detail.

Once the first round of sanding is complete, a thorough vacuum will take place to remove excess dust once more before the process is repeated. We’re looking for a surface that is lighter in colour and free from dips, blemishes, or splinters. This is usually achieved with a second sand, but, if necessary, we may carry out a third.

Once the floor is completely smooth to the touch, we’ll move on to the finishing stage.

Finishing your Floor

The finishing of your floor is the most exciting part of the process. It gives you creative control over how you want your flooring to look and, once complete, it really brings the floor and your establishment to life.

We have a range of colours and stains to choose from, in lacquer or oil form.

When making decisions about the finish of your floor, it’s essential to consider the purpose of your establishment.

For example, if your flooring is located in your home in a room without constant football, an oil finish would suffice. Lacquer is more hardwearing, however, so in a commercial establishment, this may be a better choice.

If you’re unsure when it comes to deciding on a finish, our flooring experts will be on hand to advise you.

Once a decision has been made, we’ll finish your floor to the highest standard.

Why Choose our Floor Sanding Birmingham Service?

Here at Exact Clean, we’re dedicated to providing you with the best possible service. With our top of the range machinery and extensive knowledge and experience, we’re able to guarantee stunning results each and every time.

If you’re looking for a Floor Sanding and Finishing Service in or around Birmingham, please do not hesitate to get in touch.