ATP Hygiena Test

ATP Hygiena test with EnSure Touch for business and home. How Exact Clean sanitises and protects you and your business against bacteria and virus.

For many industries, sanitisation and disinfection are more than just an occasional service – it is an ongoing issue that requires constant attention.  While most businesses will have a clear process in place to handle the presence of biofilms such as viruses and bacteria, sometimes these systems aren’t enough.

Here at Exact Clean, we offer a comprehensive sanitisation system that uses the very latest in equipment to ensure a far superior result than can be achieved with normal cleaning processes.  Here is a look at the equipment we use.

UltraSnap surface ATP hygiena test

The first part of our process is always to test surfaces to see how many bacteria and viruses may be present.  This also helps to show the after-effects of our cleaning process as we test surfaces again after sanitisation has been completed.

The UltraSnap Surface ATP Test is a clever and easy to use piece of equipment that uses a unique liquid-stable reagent that offers superior performance to other similar systems.  Having gone through laboratory testing, the system shows a higher sensitivity than other ATP systems, allow us to pick up biofilms that other tests may miss.

We have both surface and water tests available to check both areas and both work with a smart monitoring device to give results in seconds from the swabs taken.

EnSURE Touch, hygiena test monitoring system

The EnSURE Touch is an advanced monitoring system we use to collect and analyse samples as well as create reports.  With its 5-inch touch screen and Wi-Fi connection, it allows us to test anywhere and get results without having to wait for landline connection – data is stored securely on cloud-based software.

The quick test function allows us to quickly use the ATP tests to grab information and the Touch to access this data.  It means we can easily show the presence of a range of bacteria such as E. coli as well as common viruses.

The system also makes it easy for us to test across multiple locations and create a single report for the whole company.  Reports can be scheduled and automatically generated, and all of the different ATP tests that we use are compatible with the Touch device.

hygiena test
Bacteria virus cell macro.

What businesses can use our sanitising services?

Because the results of our service are clear and easy to track, we receive calls from businesses in many different industries across the UK.  From regular cleaning in hotels and restaurants to periodic deep cleaning in airports and other transport hubs, we have worked with a wide variety of clients.

Not only does the process test to see how many bacteria and viruses are present and prove they have been removed, but it also has a long lifespan.  Bacteria or virus cannot attach to the surface for an extended period after the cleaning has taken place, which means you can be confident in the sanitisation levels of the business.

Our processes have been lab-tested to kill 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses within 30 minutes of treatment.  This includes things like swine flu, tuberculosis, MRSA and HIV.  It is safe to use around humans and has no significant environmental impact because it works on a nanoscopic scale.  We also offer disinfection services if this is better suited to your needs.

A comprehensive process

Ours is a proven system to sanitise business premises and uses an NHS-approved antimicrobial.  It has won awards including from the NHS for infection control and has a CE approved fogging machine to disperse the cleaning materials.

If you need a higher level of sanitisation in your business or want to arrange for regular cleaning, give us a call today to arrange a quote.