Carpet cleaning prices

The question most prospects will first ask a carpet cleaner is “How much?”. Unfortunately, it is probably the most difficult question for me to answer accurately. If you were looking to buy, for example, a vacuum cleaner, it is quite easy to research for the brand and model that would best fulfill your requirements and then compare prices between suppliers. A simple process and it is easy to compare the value offered by different retailers. Purchasing a service such as upholstery and carpet cleaning is quite different.

When submitting a quotation to clean your valuable carpets and upholstered furniture, there are many factors we need to take into account. The obvious ones are the size of the room along with the nature and volume of soil. Other factors that are not so obvious to the untrained are such things as pile yarn type, carpet construction, the type of fibers used in the backing or foundation of the carpet, dye stability, type of use for the room plus many other factors. Only when all factors are taken into account we will be able to submit a viable QUOTATION. Anything else would just be an ESTIMATE based on the limited information available.

Another factor for the customer to take into account is the professionalism of the contractor themselves. Many carpet cleaning companies will only have a single cleaning system to offer, which may not always be the best for YOUR carpet.

If you are looking for a high quality carpet clean, executed in a way that will not promote rapid resoling, does not strip away your stain resist treatments, dries quickly and does not damage your carpet’s fibers, then contact Exact Clean for a free, no obligation quotation. And always remember, COST and VALUE are not necessarily the same.

Carpet cleaning price

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