LVT Floor Cleaning Stratford-upon-Avon

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Discover the luxury of LVT flooring.

If you have LVT flooring in your home, you’ve made an exceptional choice. It exudes luxury and boasts incredible properties, making it perfect for busy households. With high durability, versatility, and 100% waterproof nature, LVT flooring withstands heavy footfall, making it ideal for families with children and pets.

lvt floor cleaning stratford-upon-avon

Effective LVT floor cleaning Stratford-upon-Avon process

Maintaining LVT flooring is easy, but a professional deep clean at least once a year is essential for longevity. At Exact Clean, our LVT floor cleaning Stratford-upon-Avon process is simple yet highly effective. We start by thoroughly vacuuming to remove loose dirt and debris. Using specialized LVT cleaning products, we agitate ingrained dirt, lifting it from deep within the floor. Unlike traditional mopping, our powerful truck mount machine rinses the floor with gallons of water, leaving it spotless. Afterward, the floor dries completely before moving on to the resealing process.

The Importance of LVT Floor Resealing

Over time, the protective layer may lose its sheen, making scuffs and scrapes noticeable. To combat this, Exact Clean provides professional LVT floor resealing services. Our team applies multiple layers of high-sheen sealant, breathing new life into your floors. You can walk on the floor within 40 minutes, and it fully cures within 6 hours with minimal disruption.

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