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Keeping your gutters clean entails a once-a-year maintenance responsibility — but neglecting to do so can yield long-lasting effects.

At Exact Clean, I accept nothing less than the highest quality across the board. From the quality of my materials to that of my equipment to the outstanding personnel I keep on staff, I guarantee that my gutter cleaning services will leave every one of my clients in Redditch satisfied, and every home well-protected.

In order to keep your gutters clean, you really only need to schedule gutter cleaning maintenance about once a year. But an overgrown gutter paves the way for myriad unfortunate results whose consequences can call for incredibly expensive measures to correct.

Unwanted pests like to find new homes in the overgrowth of neglected gutter systems. The damp and dewy leaves and debris trapped in an unclean gutter make for an excellent nest for birds and other small animals — ones who can damage the gutters themselves, damage the roof of your home, or possibly even find a way to get inside.

Beyond that, water buildup can cause wood rot — which is incredibly attractive to small pests like rats, mice and other rodents and mosquitoes in the hot season.

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Gutter cleaning Redditch

Even if pests don’t make themselves unwanted roommates, the roof of your home is still far more vulnerable to the elements without a clean gutter system in place to redirect water flow away from your roof. If your gutter is too overgrown, then rainfall could potentially settle on your roof for too long, causing expensive water damage and threatening the structural integrity of your home.

The potential damage you may face as a result of not having your gutters cleaned will be far more expensive, more time-consuming and more of a headache to deal with than simply having your gutters cleaned once a year. Give me a call to schedule your professional gutter cleaning appointment today.

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