Carpet cleaning guide

At Exact Clean, we use different cleaning systems for different types of carpet, soil types and locations. We don’t cut corners. If we are cleaning your valuable wool carpets, we use Woolsafe  cleaning solutions. We never take the quick and easy option of using harsh and aggressive detergents.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

We take our work seriously. We work rigorously to the standards set out in the British Standards Institution’s PAS86. This is the code of practice for professional inspection, maintenance, cleaning and restoration of textile floor coverings. This is available for the public to view – just contact BSI.

So how do low-price companies manage to charge such cheap prices? They take short-cuts. For example, Take my Hot Water Extraction (Steam) Cleaning. These are the procedures we follow –

  1. Thoroughly dry-vacuum all carpets, using a twin motor upright vacuum cleaner
  2. Pre-treat the carpet with our eco-friendly, free rinsing cleaning solution
  3. Agitate the carpet with our twin brush pile lifting machine
  4. Allow enough “dwell-time” for the cleaning solution to work
  5. Rinse away the soil with fresh water
  6. Vacuum-dry carpets thoroughly
  7. Realign the pile and groom the carpet

Admit it – you didn’t think carpet cleaning was that complicated!

Many companies just don’t bother with our attention to detail. It’s quite common for some companies to just rinse a carpet with an aggressive hot detergent solution. Although quick and efficient at removing soil, this practice can often lead to problems such as dye bleed, shrinkage, pile burst, soil wick-back and generally poor cleaning. Not a pretty thought.

So, what would you prefer? A high quality cleaning service, safely executed to BSI’s PAS 86 standards, or the cheap option that could damage your valuable carpet beyond repair?

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