Updated 19/02/2021

Soft Washing for Spotless Results


Are the exterior walls of your property looking a bit sorry for themselves? Dirty-looking exterior walls can impact the overall attractiveness of your property, leaving it looking tired and grubby. To rectify this, you may be tempted to reach for the pressure washer and blast away the dirt and grime but, with Exact Clean, there’s no need! We’ve perfected our soft washing skills and are on hand to restore your property to its former glory in just three simple steps. Here’s how we do it:

exterior wall cleaning

Step 1

Soft washing is perfect for exterior cleaning as it eliminates any damage risks associated with pressure washing (like brickwork damage or dislodging tiles!), while still achieving the same effect overall.

We’ll start by assessing your property to determine which method and products will be best suited to thoroughly cleaning its exterior. We’ll then set up our soft washing equipment and get started.

Step 2

When we begin soft washing the exterior of your property, organic stains like mildew, bacteria and algae (AKA, all the things that make your walls look grubby!) will be dislodged and begin to disappear.

We’ll let you into a secret – this isn’t entirely down to soft washing itself, but rather the product we soft wash with. When it comes to exterior walls, water alone often isn’t enough to get them looking clean and fresh – that’s where biocides come in.

Biocides are unique formulas that work to safely remove biofilms (made up of all that mildew, bacteria and algae we were talking about) from your walls. Biocides are eco-friendly, 100% safe to use and pose no threat to your garden or surrounding areas. And their best feature? They form a protective layer over the exterior of your building to minimise biofilm build-up in the future.

Step 3

Soft washing is so simple and so effective that it’s almost done and dusted in just two steps! To finish off, we’ll assess the improvement (and there will be a considerable improvement, trust us!) and ensure that you are happy with your new, spotless exterior before packing up our equipment and making our way to our next cleaning project!

If you think your property exterior is in need of a soft wash makeover, get in touch with Exact Clean today, and we’ll work our magic to have your property looking spotlessly clean in next to no time.  Let’s get cleaning!