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Redditch carpet cleaning. Upholstery, rug & leather cleaning

The borough of Redditch has districts ranging from modern new towns to more traditional villages. Further, whichever of these districts you want me to work in, whatever the type of location, I’ll  provide my leather, upholstery, rug and carpet cleaning services.

The Worcestershire town of Redditch is right on my door-step. In fact, it’s just a short drive from my headquarters in Studley. What’s more, in no time at all, I can at your place of work or in your home, restore your rugs, carpets or furniture to their former glory.

More good reasons to call Exact Clean, carpet cleaner Redditch

  • I am independent company carpet cleaning Redditch and free from restrictive franchise practices
  • I use the best equipment and the most efficient, cleaning agents
  • My carpet & upholstery cleaning agents are safe for children and pets

carpet and upholstery cleaner Redditch

A.Kowalczyk t/a Exact Clean your local Redditch carpet & upholstery cleaner

Whatever the location, your home, a shop, a school, or an office, I am your local Redditch carpet and upholstery cleaning specialist. I have decades of experience and know-how about cleaning soft materials. Moreover I use only the latest equipment and the most efficient cleaning agents available.

Once my work is finished, your carpets, rugs and upholstery will be bright, fresh and dry, in just a few hours. With Exact Clean, I don’t just give you unbeatable expertise and levels of service. I also offer unrivaled value, with prices that are affordable.

It’s all about first impressions

Whether you’re at home or in your business, you’ll understand the importance of first impressions. Did you know – when people step into a building or a room, the first thing they notice is the floor? And of course, like it or not, a client arriving at your office or a visitor calling on you at home will be judging you. It’s natural. It happens all the time.

Which is exactly why clean, fresh-looking, well-groomed carpets matter so much.

  • They look good
  • They’re hygienic
  • They show that you care about detail
  • They make you and those who work or live with you feel good

Offices | Schools | Care Homes | Shops | Restaurants | Homes

So – who are my clients?
Probably anyone who cares about their floors, rugs, carpets and upholstery. They are people who run offices, who look after schools or care homes, who own shops or cafes. People who have homes. In fact, people like you.

Carpet cleaner Redditch & Upholstery cleaner Redditch

An associate member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association serving Redditch with years of industry knowledge and experience. Therefore I know how to clean, what equipment to use and which cleaning agents work and which ones won’t. Furthermore I understand which carpet cleaning agents will be good for your carpet and good for the environment. In short, I offer a premium quality cleaning service at an affordable price.

Professional carpet cleaner redditch

Keeping Redditch green with my carpet cleaning services

In addition Exact Clean is independent Redditch carpet cleaning company. I choose what equipment to use and which solutions to apply to your carpets and upholstery. I use my experience to make the best choice for your carpets.

Whenever I can, I use eco-friendly cleaning solutions from renewable resources. These products are now so well developed that they offer a real advantage to the fabrics and carpets being cleaned. On the other hand with costs being comparable with traditional detergent chemicals, you’ll be in a win-win situation.

Eco-friendly carpet cleaning solutions avoid the use of chemicals that can harm your health or the health of your pets, loved-ones, or employees. Where I can, I use products derived from renewable plant sources. As a matter of fact doing my bit to keep Redditch clean.

It’s not all about carpets. Upholstery cleaner in Reddich

Your favourite piece of furniture is like a best friend. And best friends deserve your love and attention! Well, I don’t just offer a first-class carpet cleaning in Redditch. I offer premium quality upholstery cleaning in Redditch, too which is completely different skill-set from carpet cleaning. I’ll give your furniture the make-over it really deserves. Using low-moisture tools and high powered extraction machines, I’ll have your sofas and armchairs looking, smelling and feeling as fresh and luxurious as you could wish them to be.

Carpet Cleaner Redditch

Commercial carpet cleaner Redditch

I understand the value of appearances in business. It’s vital that your premises reflect your business standards. Imagine a potential client waiting in your reception area. The floor is stained, the carpets are soiled and the chair they’re sitting on is grubby. The windows look as they haven’t seen a J-cloth for years. What is this potential client going to think about your own business standards?

For this reason Exact Clean carpet cleaner Redditch will put together a commercial cleaning contract that suits you and your business. I’ll pay regular visits to make sure your carpets, upholstery, and windows always look as smart as your business. You’ll find a commercial cleaning contract far more cost-effective than turning to a local provider for one-off cleaning emergencies.

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